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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Zayn Malik Drops New Track ‘Still Got Time’ Featuring PartyNextDoor

Posted By: ZYNC - 4:11 PM

By Staff

Zayn Malik has released a new single called “Still Got Time” featuring PartyNextDoor.

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Malik teamed with Taylor Swift for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” off the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. But perhaps this signals a proper follow-up to his solo debut Mind of Mine is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Check out the new collaborative track below.

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Amber Rose: ‘I Really Don’t Want to Have Casual Sex’

Posted By: ZYNC - 3:01 PM

By Rahul Lal

Amber Rose has recently changed her status to “single” and has been starting to test the waters again. On her podcast, Loveline with Amber Rose, Loveline, co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue suggested in the past that she try a dating site which is tailored for celebrities. This week, she discussed her experience with the site and some of the men she met there.

“It was literally 25 guys, at least,” Amber said. “I’m just talking to them through the app and, nothing serious, but just ‘Hey, how are you?’ I went out on a date and it was really nice and it was cool. I want to go on a lot of dates, I want to weigh out my options. The guy was really, really nice and he was really cool and he was super handsome. It was cool. Maybe I’ll see him again, maybe I won’t, I don’t know.”

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Amber isn’t in the mindstate to go chasing for a relationship at the moment but instead is looking for companionship and to have some fun as well. But there’s one thing that — somewhat surprisingly — she’s not looking for. “I really just don’t want to have sex right now,” she admitted. “I don’t know why I’m just not inspired. I need to feel love, I need to feel the passion. It needs to be like we’re going somewhere with this but I really don’t want to have casual sex. I’m not really into it, maybe I want to get fingered every now and then but like, as far as full-on sex, I don’t really want it.”

She continued: “I don’t like to have a lot of sex unless I’m in a relationship,” she continued. “I’m just that type of girl. So, going out on dates is cool but if it’s not there, the super intense chemistry and passion, I don’t know. If it’s not there, it’s not there. I don’t really force it. That’s just how it is.”

“Society kind of shames you if you’re single,” she said. “They’re like ‘What’s wrong with you, why are you single, why can’t you keep a man?’ It’s just not my vibe, bro. People have this vibe about me that they think I have orgies and literally have all kinds of crazy sex parties and take shots, light them on fire, but I’m really not a big drinker, I don’t do drugs, nothing.”

Listen to the full episode below.


Adele Pays Tribute to London Attack Victims

Posted By: ZYNC - 12:26 PM

By Amanda Wicks

As much as Adele typically loves to crack jokes during her live shows, she’s equally adept at bringing her audience together through powerful emotional moments.

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During her tour stop in New Zealand on Thursday evening (March 23rd), Adele dedicated her song “Make You Feel My Love” to the four people killed in the London terror attack on Wednesday (March 22nd).

Before beginning the song, she admitted how strange it felt to be away from her hometown when it had experienced such a devastating moment, and called London her soulmate.

Asking everyone to raise their lights to send London’s way, she said, “Everyone [I know] is fine, but there are four people that aren’t fine,” she said. “I feel very far away and very strange not being at home. All I want to do today is just be at home and be with my friends and family.”


5 Artists Who Should Appear on Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album

Posted By: ZYNC - 12:26 PM

By Amanda Wicks

Kendrick Lamar may be preparing to drop his new album much sooner than expected thanks to a mysterious post he shared on Instagram today (March 23rd).

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According to Lamar, his new album will continue tackling tough topics like his 2014 release To Pimp a Butterfly, but he’ll widen his perspective to look globally rather than strictly nationally. With that in mind, now is the ideal time for Lamar to expand upon the names he featured on his last album with some electric collaborations.

Taylor Swift
Lamar has a strong foot in the pop game, contributing verses to Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know” and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” among other songs. Of all the artists and groups he’s collaborated with, though, Swift would be the strongest vocal addition to his album. Her sultry single with Zayn Malik, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” is proof she’s ready to grow, and working with Lamar again would definitely instigate that.

Eminem tapped Lamar for the track “Love Game” off his 2013 album The Marshall Mathers LP2, and even put the rapper through a writing test to make sure he didn’t use ghostwriters. 2017 is the perfect opportunity for Eminem to return the favor and team up with Lamar once again for a fiery, politically-charged track. These two minds together in the age of Trump? Priceless.

Lamar showed up on BeyoncĂ©’s single “Freedom” off her 2016 album Lemonade, and the two performed a powerful moment together at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2016, so it’s a no-brainer to get them back in the studio. Considering the socially conscious and politically informed music they’ve been making separately, together they would release an enlightening and empowering track.

Chance the Rapper
Chance followed in Lamar’s footsteps when he won Best Rap Album at the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards earlier this year. And to show his support, Lamar congratulated Chance via text with the sweet message, “Congrats bro. God is moving.” It’s time these two worked together, blending Chance’s gospel-infused sound with Lamar’s mighty wordplay.

A Tribe Called Quest
With Tribe’s triumphant return in 2016, which included a shoutout to Lamar on their track “Dis Generation,” they set the stage for a host of killer future collaborations. The group already performed with Anderson .Paak on the GRAMMY stage, so considering the love they have the new generation of rappers, watching Tribe and Lamar come together to tell the world some powerful truths would be a memorable moment.


David Guetta Teams with Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne for ‘Light My Body Up’

Posted By: ZYNC - 10:36 AM

By Staff

David Guetta has unleashed a new single titled “Light Up My Body,” which features Nicki Minja and Lil Wayne.

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“Yo, I just started my sentence like a capital letter,” Nicki begins. “Got bars for years, I hope you send me a letter, know she’ll never be queen, so now she got a vendetta, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout David when I say I’ma Guetta.” Although her target remains unamed, it’s likely fans will the opening lines as yet another shot at Reamy Ma.

Check out the new collaborative track below.





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